Laker Mobile 2.0


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About the app

One of the latest projects of the MASL aimed to renovate the Laker Mobile iOS app, by following the most recent standards of the mobile application development industry. The original Laker Mobile app was released back in 2010 with some updates until 2014. This first version of the app relied mostly on default user interface components provided by the operating system, and it was developed fully in Objective-C.

Since the introduction of Swift 1.0 by Apple in 2014 the language gained wide acceptance. With this project Laker Mobile follows this trend by making Swift its main language. The app has been entirely rewritten from ground up and besides the exception of a few frameworks that are still in Objective-C it only uses Swift 2.x.

Additional to this, Laker Mobile features a complete redesign of the user interface and user experience in order to be more appealing to its target audience. As a result the application should have an increased usability and retention of users than the previous version.


Mobile applications have evolved over the past few years, and existing app versions often fall below users’ growing expectations. These are some of the key aspects that were considered and researched for UI/UX ideation:

  • User-centered design
  • Flat UI
  • Flat navigation structure
  • Gestures
  • Standarization vs. Customization
  • iOS Human Interface Guidelines

GVSU Laker Mobile 2.0 Demo