By: Jonathan Engelsma On: September 14, 2011 In: Blog, Featured Comments: 0

Social Check-In is an interesting mobile application genre that is getting a fair amount of attention from users. Foursquare, one of the most popular social check-in apps here in the USA, currently has around 10 million users. Even President Obama joined Foursquare this past August, which must really be...

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By: Alejo Montoya On: August 25, 2011 In: Blog, Featured Comments: 2

Research has shown that many students are not interested in learning mathematics; they find it difficult to understand, irrelevant to their daily lives, and uninteresting. This thesis explored elements of computer games that may satisfy children’s learning needs and ultimately motivate them to learn mathematical concepts. Two seemingly unrelated...

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By: Jonathan Engelsma On: May 20, 2011 In: Blog, Demos, News Comments: 0

Demo of a “lean-back” Hulu viewing experience, implemented by a senior capstone team here in GVSU’s School of Computing. The project involved three primary components: an Android application that takes in user input (queue video and social actions), a server hosted on Google App Engine that maintains user information...

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By: andres On: April 5, 2011 In: Blog, Featured, News Comments: 2

We’ve just refreshed GVSU Laker Mobile for Android!   Version 1.1.2 introduced a number of exciting new features and also eliminates those 1 or 2 bugs that were bothering you all.  Well ok, maybe there were 3 bugs.  In any case, the new version includes a variety of new features,...

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By: Alejo Montoya On: April 1, 2011 In: Blog, News Comments: 2

If you’re like us GVSU grad students working in the School of Computing’s GVSU Mobile Apps and Services Lab the two loves of your life are at minimum your shiny new iPhone and GVSU’s learning management system, aka as “Blackboard”. We like the rest of you have been sad...

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By: Jonathan Engelsma On: March 23, 2011 In: Blog, Events Comments: 0

The Mobile Applications and Services Lab is pleased to announce that Dr. Venu Vasudevan of Motorola Mobility will be giving a guest lecture on Monday, March 28, 2011. All interested faculty and students are welcome to attend. Where: 123 Manitou Hall (GVSU’s Allendale Campus) When: 3 – 3:50 pm,...

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By: Jonathan Engelsma On: November 30, 2010 In: Blog, Demos Comments: 1

Who say’s school can’t be fun? Here in the GVSU Mobile Apps & Services Lab we’ve been waiting a long time to get our hands on one of these high tech toys! The AR.Drone is a remote control quadricopter by Parrot. The really cool thing is that the controller...

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By: Jonathan Engelsma On: November 17, 2010 In: Blog, Featured, News Comments: 4

We’re pleased to announce the availability of MASL’s latest mobile app: Shop Social.  The app is available on both iOS devices as well as Android.   Shop Social is an experimental shopping app, and we’re hoping you all will find it quite useful and fun. Basically, we’ve been trying to...

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By: Jonathan Engelsma On: November 16, 2010 In: Blog, Events Comments: 0

Please join us this Friday for our next Mobile Apps & Services Lab Meetup. When: Friday, November 19 @ 3pm Where: MAK D2227 Speaker: Dr. Ryan McFall, Associate Prof of CS at Hope College Abstract: Many publishers have touted electronic books as a great idea for textbooks. Unfortunately, traditional...

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By: Jonathan Engelsma On: October 12, 2010 In: Blog, Technical Articles Comments: 11

Since the Android mobile platform was first open sourced by Google in November 2007, it has attracted thousands of developers and deployment of over 70,000 mobile applications in the Android Market with over 1 billion downloads. Today, more than 60 smart phones from major manufacturers run the Android platform....

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