By: Roland Heusser On: April 22, 2016 In: Blog, News Comments: 3

One of the latest projects of the MASL aimed to renovate the Laker Mobile iOS app, by following the most recent standards of the mobile application development industry. The original Laker Mobile app was released back in 2010 with some updates until 2014. This first version of the app relied mostly...

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By: Josiah Campbell On: January 26, 2016 In: Blog, Demos, Featured, Technical Articles Comments: 1

Android is a beautiful, misunderstood platform. On one hand, the Android framework provides an accessible starting through Java, but drops the ball on user interface architecture. The iOS platform provides a straight-forward way of dealing with the separation of model data, presentation and views by incorporating the Model-View-Controller architecture. Android does...

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By: Jonathan Engelsma On: April 1, 2015 In: Blog, Featured Comments: 0

Thanks to the clever programmers in the GVSU Mobile Applications and Services Lab no longer have to walk over to Kirkhoff to get their cup of Java! Instead, they dispatch a Bebop drone that flies across campus, and then sneaks into Kirkhoff behind a passing pedestrian. The coffee shop...

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By: Davoud On: February 19, 2015 In: Blog, Ruby Comments: 0

The Bee Informed Partnership (BIP) Project is a national project that aims to decrease winter mortality of managed honeybee colonies by helping beekeepers keep colonies alive through surveys and data collection. Our lab is helping development some of the software BIP needs to manage the data it is collecting....

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By: Jonathan Engelsma On: February 12, 2015 In: Blog, Events, Featured Comments: 0

Ehsan Valizade is a CS graduate student working in the GVSU Mobile Applications and Services Lab as a graduate assistant.  He is currently doing his MS project in the area of smart watches.  In this talk he will be presenting the history and current state of smart watch technology...

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By: Jonathan Engelsma On: January 27, 2015 In: Blog, Featured Comments: 0

With the plateauing of mobile, social and commerce, Television remains one of the last planetary-scale markets (with a global penetration of over 4B customers) ripe for redefinition. Yet it’s a space where much publicized attempts at disruptions over the last 5 years have turned out to be head fakes....

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By: Jonathan Engelsma On: October 6, 2014 In: Blog, Featured, News Comments: 0

During the winter of 2014, a group of computer science students here at GVSU began to work on an iPad app now known as Wimage. The brainchild of this project was Michael Hyacinthe, the founder of Fashion Has Heart, veteran, and entrepreneur. The capstone course officially ended in April...

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By: Jonathan Engelsma On: November 6, 2013 In: Blog, Featured Comments: 0

Sam Serpoosh has been here in the USA for just over a year now, but he’s already leaving his mark in the software development industry.  As a CS graduate student here at GVSU, Sam’s enthusiasm for creating truly awesome software has been contagious within our mobile lab here at...

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By: vincent On: April 8, 2013 In: Blog, Featured Comments: 0

When I started out to explore mobile development, I was immediately drawn to the iOS mobile platform because I owned several generations of iPhone models. iOS seemed perfect to me because I used a variety of iPhone apps that inspired me to investigate mobile development. However it wasn’t until...

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By: Jonathan Engelsma On: November 29, 2012 In: Blog, Events Comments: 0

Effective Software Development We will be having a MASL Meetup on Friday afternoon, November 30, at 3pm in B1-118 Mackinac Hall on the Allendale Campus. Anybody in the GVSU community interested in mobile technology and/or software development in general are welcome to attend. Speaker: Sam Serpoosh – Sam is...

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