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Researchers from Arris, Inc. will be visiting the School of CIS on Friday,  January, 20 to share with us how television is being redefined.   Dr. Venu Vasudevan will be giving a talk on his research on Friday afternoon.  All interested faculty/students are encouraged to attend:

Title: TV 2020

When: 2pm, January 30

Where: B-1-126 Mackinac Hall.

Abstract: With the plateauing of mobile, social and commerce, Television remains one of the last planetary-scale markets (with a global penetration of over 4B customers) ripe for redefinition. Yet it’s a space where much publicized attempts at disruptions over the last 5 years have turned out to be head fakes. Be it Game consoles with TV powers, Social TV, the OTT disruption, Android and Apple TV, 3DTV, Tablet TV, Companion TV – each ‘barbarian at the gate’ has turned out to be either less menacing than expected, or an adjacent market misinterpreted as a threat.

Why has the effect of computing and digitization on TV been muted compared to other markets. Is it poor technology, legal & regulatory friction, monetization challenges, fragmented ecosystem, some combination thereof, or something exogenous? What will TV look like 5 years from now in 2020? Will it narrow into a component of the home entertainment market. Or will it reshape in notable ways in hardware, software and UX dimensions to interact with IoT and Wearables & evolve into the Home Hub for entertainment, security, health and information-centric markets. The talk will address these topics (both hindsight and forward looking speculation) from a software and computing perspective.

Speaker: Venu Vasudevan, Ph.D., Senior Director, Multi-Screen Media Analytics & Systems, Advanced Technology, Arris Inc.
Venu manages advanced technologies and emerging products around media analytics and monetization in a multi-screen world. His current focus areas are the creation of emerging products around multi-screen interactive advertising, and core media analytics technologies for enhanced media search and recommendation. In past lives, Venu has managed a research group on Mobile & Social Computing, been an architect on a one of the world’s largest distributed systems (Iridium), and involved in a software startup in intelligent & assistive software. Over the past few years, his work has led to over 50 technical papers, 25 filed patents, and the incubation of several strategic business initiatives around Mobile, Social & TV. Venu has a PhD from the Ohio State University, and is also currently an adjunct faculty at Rice University.

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Jonathan Engelsma leads the GVSU Mobile Applications and Services Lab. He is currently an Associate Professor in GVSU’s School of Computing. His research interests are in distributed and pervasive computing with a focus on mobile applications and services. Dr. Engelsma earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Michigan State University in 1993. He has over two decades of industry experience, including 16 years in various research and development positions with Motorola.